• MasterPiece Rocking Star Yash
  • Raja Rajendra Kannada
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  • Krishna Leela Review

    Krishna Leela Review

    VERDICT : Krishna Leela is a Visual Treat , don’t miss to watch this out and out entertainer.  Movie : Krishna Leela...

  • A Day In The City – Review

    Movie : A Day In The City Directed by : Venkat Bharadwaj Written by : Venkat Bharadwaj producer...

  • DK Review

    Movie : DK Cast : Prem, Chaitra Chandranath, Sunny Leone, Sharath Lohithashwa, Shobraj,...

  • RajaRajendra Review

    Movie : RajaRajendra Cast : Sharan, Ishika Dutta, Ravi Shankar Director: Pon Kumaran Producer: Uday...

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Krishna Leela

Krishna Leela going strong at Box-office

Mar 26 • 22 Views • Comments Off

Ajai Rao’s debut as a producer has worked out well for him. First movie of his home production Krishna Leela is doing a great at the box-office. Krishna leela is...

KGF Kannada Movies, Yash, Prashanth Neel

40 Crore Budget For Yash Starring KGF

Rocking star the winning horse of namma Kannada cinema industry is all set to do a big budget movie. Movie is titled as KGF and the...

Feb 21 • 1243 Views

KrishnaLeela Kannada

Krishna Leela censored with U

Much awaited movie of the year Krishna Leela directed by Shashank starring Ajai Rao and Mayuri is censored with U certificate. Movie is all...

Feb 17 • 131 Views

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A Day In The City Kannada

Venkat Bharadwaj– – “A Day In The City ” – Interview

Feb 10 • 360 Views • Comments Off

ಸಾಫ್ಟ್‌ವೇರ್ ವೆಂಕಟ್ ಸಿನಿಮಾ !!!! “A Day in the City” ಎಂಬ ಕನ್ನಡ ಚಿತ್ರವೊಂದು...

Ugramm kannada songs

Ravi Basur Interview (Ugramm Music Director)

ಉದಯಿಸಿದ “ರವಿ” ಬಸೂರ್  ಉಗ್ರಂ ಚಿತ್ರದಿಂದ...

Jun 8 • 404 Views

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